"i will not leave you as orphans, i will come to you"

Most couples begin talking about "starting a family" around year 3 it seems. Even before we were married, we knew that growing our family and building a spiritual legacy was a Biblical mandate and would therefore be important to us. Before we said those life-changing vows to God and to one another on May 13, 2006, we brought up the idea of adoption, knowing that it would be a long ways off, but hoped that one day it would be a viable option for us.

January 2010 rolls around and we find "Adopted for Life" by Russ Moore sitting on the table of our church's materials table. Always looking for a good read, we were more than thrilled to pick up a book recommended by the Stone. Conversations begin to turn away from the general theology of adoption and towards us pursuing adoption. It just seemed natural to us that since we have been adopted into the family of God by His grace, that we would show that outwardly by bringing in others into our family. Just as we are fully part of the family of God even though we are Gentiles (being grafted in!), we wanted others who are not blood related to us to be fully grafted in themselves- just as much a part of our family as a bio kiddo would be. A physical demonstration of a spiritual truth!

Then the conversations turned away from the "ifs" of adoption to when and how. So many decisions- Local or international? Now or next year? This agency or that? Talk about overwhelming!

Thinking back to why we were here in Austin, Texas, we remembered that we moved here to live to the glory of God while seeking the welfare of the city. That settled it for us. Adopting locally through CPS was what God was calling us to. We eventually decided to adopt through Starry.

At the time of the decision-making, we were also having many conversations talking about how we could make our life count today and how to live out a resurrected life in Christ. This put a sense of urgency in our hearts- leading us to the decision to adopt asap! Tomorrow is never promised to us. So why wait?

So now here we are: "pregnant"! Working through classes and paperwork, all the while growing our hearts for the little one(s) that God has chosen for us.