to walk in their shoes

Carla is high up there on my list of inspirational women. She lost her son to "the system" without being given proper communication regarding the case specifics and without being given proper representation. The case had closed and she had lost all parental rights. She is now working tirelessly to be reunified, which would ordinarily be an impossible task. She is so close now to having her son back home with her. To have him back will be nothing short of a miracle.

She has created a website to tell her story.

Carla has helped to give me a clearer prospective of what it can be like to be on the side of the biological parents who are involved with CPS. I have been touched by her transparency and her great faith.

I am so thankful to call Carla a friend!


"sing to the Lord a new song"

If you've had a conversation with me lately, the topic of J's new music class is bound to have come up in approximately 2.25 seconds or less. I just cannot contain my excitement!

Of course, as parents, we want to help develop our kids' abilities and talents. J's leaning? Music, rhythm, beats. It's woven into the fabric of his being.

Good ol' google led us to Heartsong, a sweet little business in town that offers music classes especially designed for children and their parents/caregivers to take together. We went to our first demo class this week to try it on for size. I should have just gone ahead and registered him because I had a strong feeling that it would be an instant success! And a success it was! Singing, dancing, playing with instruments: the kid was definitely in his element.

At the beginning of class, the teacher encouraged the parents to let their kids move how they want to move and explore where they want to go. As we sat in the circle, most kids hovered close to their parents. Mine? Spinning in circles in the middle of the floor, raising up his hands, squealing! Although I must say, it did take him a little while to warm-up to this. A lot of the time he checked out the happenings of the class from the safety-zone of my lap. So sweet. We are grateful to see healthy signs of attachment. Once he had figured out the goings-on, he seemed to conjure up some courage to test out his freedom, expressing his musicality with his developmental break-dancing moves for all to enjoy. Needless to say, we are registered for the remainder of the session. This will be a week-day highlight!

J-Man and his ribbon baton during his first music class
God has given him such a beautiful gift.