Happy Birthday, Bart!

Bart's first birthday to celebrate as a...

J-man, of course, wanted in on the celebrating so we made Bart a special picture. I gave J a "running start" by painting the branches, and then he added on the leaves- with a little guidance :) Now Dad has a piece of original artwork to add to his office!

Bart has been craving some chicken fingers ever since his trip to College Station when he enjoyed some Lane's chicken. Well, I couldn't quite make it to College Station, but I could certainly pick some up from Whataburger! J-man, being the man of carbs that he is, gobbled them up too. To top off our meal, we all enjoyed some chocolate espresso brownies a la mode. Yu-u-um.

We sure do love a chance to celebrate here in our home, and this was a very worthy occasion! I'm so proud of Bart- the husband that he is to me, the father he is to our children, and the friend he is to others, and much more. I respect his desire to love God and to serve our family. 

We love you, Bart!


i get to be the one...

Poor J-man has been sick this week. His little immune system seems to be working on getting extra strong by fighting off these random viruses and sickness. Maybe it's just a baby-thing to get sick this much- but he sure does seem to have had his fair share over the past year of his life! Bart and I talked about taking him to the pumpkin patch next weekend and Bart joked that we probably shouldn't since he might pick up a weird pumpkin-disease :)

Anyway, as I was rocking J the other night, exhausted from trying to soothe him time and time again, the clock reading 2am, I couldn't help but become overwhelmed with the thought of how blessed I was that I got to be the one with him in that moment.

As we continued to rock, I was so struck by all the things that I have gotten to do with him. An honor that goes beyond words.

I get to be the one...

- who rocks you when being alone just won't do.
- who knows your favorite songs that help you smile when you don't feel like smiling.
- who got to be/get to be with you to witness all your "firsts".
- who can interpret your different cries/noises. your spokesperson to the rest of the world!
- who knows the exact moment when you are ready for that morning nap.
- who gets to comfort you when you're scared.
- who laughs with you when you do something funny.
- who picks you up when you walk over and reach up your hands toward me.
- who knows you better than anyone else.

And this is just the beginning...

"I thank my God in all my remembrance of you. Always offering prayer with joy in my every prayer for you all." Philippians 1:3&4


celebrating dads!

Bart is a fantastic dad to our kiddos. I'm so thankful that he is both my husband and their dad. He is about to step into a slightly different "dad role" here within the next month as the dad of a daughter! Uncharted territory for him! I saw this commercial today and couldn't help but picture him enjoying spending time with Baby A in the future. I know their bond will be a sweet one.


showers galore!

Well, poor Austin hasn't been getting many rain showers lately, but I have been enjoying some wonderful baby showers for Baby A!!

Thank you, Community Group!
Lots of pink!
The cake was as yummy as it was beautiful!
What a fun shower game! We all brought old baby pictures and guessed who was who!
So glad that Bart could be a part of the celebrating at this shower!
A hippo hat! Precious.

Thank you, school and Starry friends (+ Michelle!)!
What a sweet decoration! One that will be used again!
Apparently something was hilarious!
More great gifts! Thanks, Hope, for being my gift organizer :)

Sweet Rach! What a gem.
Julie, Me and Nancy!
I love that I have been able to stay a part of these women's lives.
They are my "family" in Austin.
Thank you, sweet girlfriends!
Nikki, Mariko, Jamie, and me!
Baby A will wear her ruffles proudly!
I never cease to be amazed by how God provides for us, even giving us so much more than we asked for or need. Thank you everyone for helping us prepare for our new family member. These times in life are all the more exciting when they are shared with friends. Just a month (ish) to go!


big bro love

I have enjoyed having J-man with us as we prepare for our new bundle of joy. He has made the waiting all the more fun. Even though he'll only be Baby A's big brother for a season- it's one that we are cherishing.

The two of them are already sharing some sweet bonding moments. J loves to wrap his arms around my tummy as he's cuddling and relaxing with me in our big brown chair in his nursery. I enjoy the thought that A can hear him from the other side. He will be one of the first people that she knows even before she officially makes her grand debut! Another sweet moment happened the other day when J walked up to me, reached up towards my tummy, and kissed it. Priceless.


black and gold will look great on j-man!

It's that time of year again. FOOTBALL TIME!
One of the perks of being a stay-at-home-mom is getting to brainwash our children before my husband gets to.

Today, J and I practiced Vandy's fight song and the alma mater. I think he's just about ready to be a 'dore. He was clapping and dancing as we practiced with the football players from the video. That's my boy.