christmas in the country

Our first Christmas as a little family. This year we traveled to the Volunteer State to have Christmas at my parents' place. We were also blessed to have Bart's family join us! What a fun house-full.

Chickadee had one adventure after the next. This was her first time to travel out of the country state and explore new worlds, like Arkansas and Mississippi. She is now an astronomer-in-training from watching her Baby Einstein: Baby Galileo movie on repeat. Poor gal, it was one of the few things that would console her on the trip! Once we got to Tennessee she was hardly put down for a second. Grandparents were at her beckon-call all weekend. They are now in the process of getting her that pony that she asked for to go along with her princess castle and lifetime Disney World access ;) Naps were few and far between- she didn't want to miss the action for a second.

Bart and I really enjoyed getting the chance to tell her the Christmas story for the first time together. We are praying that she believes it at a young age and what better time to start sharing the truths of the gospel with her than now?

Gift giving and getting was also fun, as always! There were some special gifts for Chickadee under the tree this year:

Her first Bible

A new, special friend who will go by "Twiga" instead of "Sophie". Giraffes are from Africa after all! So we thought the Swahili word for "giraffe" would be a fitting name for her.

Bart's favorite childhood book!

She also got some other great gifts from family members: her first baby doll, new clothes, a big teddy bear, and toys for her crib to help with sleep. Mom gives two thumbs up!- especially to the "toys" to help her sleep. Can I get a hallelujah?

Another highlight was our special pancakes! Check out our little reindeer! (Shout out to Pintrest!)

Even though the trip to and from was long and hard (ask Bart, there were a few moments when we thought we would never make it to the interstate, let alone back to Texas!), but every mile of travel was worth it to get to be with family.


is there a chunky monkey in the house?

Chickadee went to her 2 month well-check this week. All of her hard work of eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping, and more eating has paid off. She weighed in at a whopping 14 lbs 2 oz. That may not mean much to you until I put it in this light: she ranks in the 100th percentile for babies her age!! Oh yes, friends. Oh yes, there IS in fact a chunky monkey in the house.


and you thought you knew the Christmas story

I just LOVE life from kids' perspective. The Christmas Story retold :) 


2 months, too fast

2 months since Chickadee's birthday. I mean, really, where does the time go?

A quick update on our lives since the big event...

Chickadee is no longer a tiny newborn. Those days are long gone. She is now my chunky monkey- rolls galore! We are so, so grateful for a happy, healthy baby.

Her little personality is starting to blossom. Smiles, coos, wiggles. Melt my heart!

She gives a big "thumbs-down" to car rides.

She's been sleeping pretty well at night, just waking up for feeding and then going right back to sleep. I know, don't hate. We've lucked out! I guess when you get a break in one area, you're bound to make up for it in another area OR with a non-sleeping child in the future! 

We've been spending lots of time bonding here at home. It's been perfect since the weather is chilly. Why not stay inside and enjoy each other's company?

We've seen J-man several times since he has returned home. He is doing well! His mom has asked if he could start spending time with us regularly. Hmmm...let me think about that one... YES!!

I've been able to start going back to the gym. Hallelujah!

Bart has been gearing up getting ready to go fishing again now that the trout have been released in the Guadalupe. He even bought me a fly rod! Watch out, fish!