making a house a home

I just came home from my girls Bible study. It's late I'm ready for bed and some R&R but I've got little details to polish around the house. You know, the usual- dishes to put away, clothes to fold, bags to pack, etc. etc. As I'm hustling and bustling around I couldn't help but spare just a moment to thumb through my new book that just arrived today: "Everyday Graces" by Karen Santorum! I couldn't resist.

There are many reasons that I am antsy to dive in to this read, but the biggest reason is this is a woman that I greatly admire. I'm so looking forward to gleaning good insight and wisdom from her.

After a quick peruse I came across this poem and thought I would share. So fitting for the moment. It helped to bring purpose to the scattered tasks. God, help me create a home that my husband is ready to come home to at the end of his long days.

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  1. Thanks for making such a lovely home for my brother and niece (and sister-in-law!) Love you!