the past few months

I feel like I'm always reaching towards a week, day, moment when life will slow down. But...it doesn't ever seem to happen! That's OK. We've been having a blast together as a family. And even if times seem crazy, I'm so thankful that we've been able to have the time of our lives in the midst of the hustle and bustle.

The Happenings....

My birthday:
NUMBER 30! We celebrated just the way I dreamed: slept in, went to the gym, a hike through balcones, dinner with my sweet little family at Olive Garden (their "dinner for tonight and dinner tomorrow" deal: delish!), ate Graeter's ice cream. The highlight though was probably when Bart proved his commitment to me and deep love for me when he voluntarily climbed into the dumpster at our apartment to try to find some checks that I was afraid that I had thrown away. Now that is true love, folks. The checks were found! Not in the dumpster, just next to our couch. He got a big smooch for that one.

a family hike!
The girl + Papa & Nana's farm + good food = a great week.
This was the first time that she was able to meet her Uncle Jonny and Aunt Mandy. They were fast friends. We sure do wish family was closer, because, man, they really had such a wonderful time together.

Trip highlights:
- Bart got a chance to preach at the church he grew up in! He shared a great message, as always. 
best looking preacher I know.

Chick leads her cousin Rylee Grace around the church grounds. 

- Jonny and Mandy watched her for a few hours while Bart and I ran some errands. She had already been going hard all morning: running around the yard, bossing the dogs around. After we passed her off to Jonny and Mandy she continued playing, playing, playing outside. Mandy brought her in for a little break to have a snack and rehydrate. After the last blueberry, Chick was pointing outside, ready for more fresh farm air. Well, the fun finally caught up with her. She waddled up to the porch steps, climbed up to the porch, walked over to the door and started scratching at the door. Jonny scooped her up, encouraged her to keep playing outside (the weather was gorgeous!). She meandered back up the stairs picked up where she left off: scratch, scratch, scratch. Exhausted! Chick was ready for some R&R inside! Nana said that she had many a-animals scratch at her door over the years begging to come inside, but a granddaughter, now that was a first!

it was great to see Jonny and Mandy and also get the chance to remember their sweet baby boy, Ben, with them. 

- The beach! After growing up going to the beach regularly, Bart was eager to share this part of his life with his daughter. The waves and sand is always a little intimidating to little ones at first, but with a little help from Aunt Mandy, she was digging in the sand in no time. Then we treated ourselves to a little seafood from a nearby restaurant. That ocean sure does have some yummy things in it!
(I'll have to steal some pictures off of Bart's phone for this...)

- The animals were a big hit! She couldn't get enough of the dogs running every which way and cats zig zagging back and forth. Papa even set up Thunderhoof for her for a photo opp. Now Thunderhoof was a bit too much, but she sure did like him from a safe distance.
cowgirl in the making

just keep a safe distance from that horse though...

feeding herself a satsuma from the tree and feeding the dogs their food from their bowl. teamwork.

Chick gets the chance to help Papa feed the goat and the horse! all in a day's work on the farm. 

It was hard to leave family and go back to suburbian life. We know that this is where God has called us to for now, but one day, just one day, maybe we can live a calmer, simpler life. And being closer to family would be a wonderful bonus!

an amish wagon that sits in the Lipscombs' barn

Mrs. Rhonda's Model A, handed down to her from her dad

the view of the pasture from their back porch. the porch where Bart spent many days practicing his basketball skills.

Chick. right at home. 

The Chick:
This little gal continues to be a "girl on the go"! Our love grows for her by the day! A few fun little "Chick Facts":

- She is a "signing" machine! She is eager to communicate with us by using her budding verbal skills as well as her signing skills. "More" has, of course, become a fast favorite. "More" peas, "more" Sesame Street", "more" doggies, "more" Christmas tree. "Book" is also a favorite sign. I could not be more proud ;)

- Chick has some new "friends" in her life these days. Lately she's become a little more bonded with Minnie Mouse and Bunny, who make great napping/sleeping partners. When we give them to her, as if by reflex, she happily takes them, draws them in close, and snuggles her face into them. Ahhhh...life is goooood.

- Santa: no go. We went to a fun Delta Gamma Holiday Tea a couple of weeks ago and got to meet SANTA for the first time! As with most kiddos her age, she made it VERY clear that she did not want to get remotely near him. Our two pictures with Santa consist of her trying desperately to escape my arms to get away. Oh well! Other than that, we had a wonderful time together. I love getting to share special parts of my life with her. Delta Gamma is definitely near and dear to my heart!

- Chick is a bee-bopping fool! Wherever we are, if she hears music, she can't help but start moving and grooving to the beat. At the end of a song: "more", "more". We've got to get this girl into some Heartsong classes STAT!

The big news in J's life is he is now a big brother! I had the chance to visit little bro and mom in the hospital right after he was born. My oh my. He looked so much like J when he was a baby. Brought back so many memories!
I just texted with mom and it looks like I get to watch J this Saturday! I just can't wait!


  1. Uncle Jonny & Aunt MandyDecember 19, 2012 at 12:45 PM

    We know the feeling, Adele. We want more of you, too!

  2. LOVE seeing that sweet blonde head of hair and her little baby hands. One day you will wake up and those hands won't be as fluffy or have those sweet little dimples and you'll be so glad to have that picture of those chubby baby hands. :) And I love that y'all still get to spend time with J. Blessings to you guys!!

  3. Sweet Stuff girl :) Sounds like lots of fun things have been around Chick lately! I love the signing and music stuff. You look like one hot momma (ow owwwe {wink wink}) :) Glad to hear you had a good b-day, sounded very sweet. I love ya girl, love hearing the happenings.