the coat off my back

Call me nerdy, but I love getting to go to the trainings and workshops that we are required to attend as foster parents. This past weekend I attended a workshop on "grief and loss". The therapist that led it said something that I will never forget as a parent.

I'm sure you've heard the classic "Love and Logic" example: Suzy refuses to wear her coat. You, as her mom, tell Suzy that she has the choice to wear the coat and be warm or not to wear the coat. As the day goes on Suzy wishes she brought her coat after all since it's so cold. A natural consequence. Suzy will choose to wear her coat next time! The therapist took the scenario one step further and explained that he would lovingly take the coat off his own back and place it on her shoulders.That is powerful. This was so powerful to me because I just couldn't stop thinking about how Jesus did this for us: taking the punishment that was meant for us upon Himself and giving us the comforts and rewards that belong to Him.

This reminded me that responsibility is often best learned in the context of love. Selfless love.


baby laughter is good for the soul

Chickee does wonders for my self-esteem. She is so sweet to laugh at all my silly antics.

Peek-a-boo: HILARIOUS!
Singing silly songs: HILARIOUS!
Making animal sounds: HILARIOUS!
Making funny faces: HILARIOUS!
Kissing her all over: HILARIOUS!
Putting various objects on my head: well, kind of funny

Oh the things we do to get a baby to laugh. No tv needed for entertainment in this house!


a home for the homeless

I heard the sweetest story the other day and had to share.

So this story comes from friends of a friend who are also foster parents. And even though I don't know them personally, they are certainly heroes in my book: they take in kids regardless of age, history, or need. What servants.

Anyway, they had taken in a little boy, "B", who was about 8 and this was his second time in care. After being with the family for about a month, the family took on a baby who was on a feeding tube. They explained to B that another foster kid was coming to live with them. B replied matter-of-factly, "I used to be a foster kid, but I'm not anymore."

How sweet. He felt so at home with this family that he felt that he was one of them, not a product of "the system".

That is exactly the way that I want all of our foster kids to feel: at home, one of us.


let's get acquainted

Our little Chickadee is at the age where she is starting to reveal her little personality to the world. You can bet that we are eating this up!

Here is what we see so far:

* Social Butterfly: she loves to "chat". The girl has never met a stranger. Granted, separation and/or stranger anxiety hasn't set in yet. She particularly enjoys carrying on conversations with Dolly. Who is Dolly? Well, her doll, of course! They apparently have a lot to talk about because she likes to sit in her car seat and girl-talk as we drive to and fro.
* A Charmer: she's got this look that can melt the hardest of hearts. She cocks her little head to the side, locks eyes with you, and grins. Oh my. Dad, watch out.
* Loves to Laugh: the irresistible baby laughs. I can't get enough of them! My favorite is when we are with a group of people and laughing together, she can't help but to join in and laugh too. Ha!

I do love this age. Everyday is exciting for her and for me. She gets to discover the world around her and I get to discover her.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
Pslam 139:14

going for a jog with dolly