passing down a spiritual heritage

As part of our bedtime routine each night we sing the Doxology (inspired by my sweet friend, Micah!)

So praise, praise the Father 
Praise the Son
Praise, praise the Spirit
Three in One
Oh praise Him
Oh praise Him

We started doing this with J-man and have continued with Chickee. I like to think that this was the first song that she ever heard, having listened to it almost every night even in utero! For us, this has been the perfect way to wind down for the day and set our minds on heavenly things. 

The other day when Bart and I began to sing Chickee looked up, grinned, and polished it off with a sweet coo. Just precious. Money can't buy those moments. 

Bart shared this quote with me a few days ago and I keep thinking about it throughout my days. 
The Gospel story begins from eternity past. This is what I want to teach often to Chickee as well as to myself.

It ought to be the oldest things that are taught to the youngest people.
- GK Chesterton


delicious and nutritious

Babies eating whole foods at the age of 6 months? I was a little on the skeptical side at first. I had been spoon-fed the idea that babies need to start with the classic cereal, then move to purees, and then "mushy foods, and then on to "real" foods. Well, my mind was certainly changed when I saw "Baby Led Weaning" in action. When I saw our friends' little girl sitting independently in her high chair enjoying her delicious fruits on her own, I was converted. This was going to be a "must" when our little Chickadee passed the 6-month threshold.

I blinked and here we are. My sweet Chickee is now at the half-way mark to her one-year birthday. 

She certainly seemed to enjoy her initiation today! We started her off with a few chunks of apple, steamed broccoli, and cucumber sticks. Her dinner was a good combination of play and experimenting. Can't wait for breakfast in the morning :) 

It really is amazing to see how God has designed babies' bodies to operate. 

Bart did just inform me that if they come up with a book titled, Baby Led Potty-Training, we will not be purchasing. 


oh, she knows

The ever-popular "Taggies" were created for kiddos like mine who are enamored with tags. Little fingers love to fiddle with the silky tags for hours seconds on end. And that's a long time in "baby land"! Recently I offered Chickee an official "Taggie" toy thinking that since she is enjoying playing with tags so much, surely she would really love this little taggie-lined turtle. Silly girl- as soon as she started exploring the toy, she by-passed all the taggie-tags and zoned in on the real tag. The girl knows a fake when she sees one. Can't pull a fast one on her! 

Watch out boys; you better have deep pockets if you want to impress this girl later on in life. Cubic zirconia just won't do... this girl will want the real, bona fide sparkle!


children are a gift from God

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. If you are interested in learning more about how you can join in this effort to care for the children in our community, Starry's website is a great place to start.